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Gheothermal House By Maryann Thompson


the architect this great house is Maryann Thompson and the clien is Marcel Breuer thompson idea's is to make one no stranger to modernist aesthetic and space.Thompson’s Geothermal House, as it came to be called, unfolds in “layers of interlocking spaces.” As one travels from the northern public side of the house to the southern, more private end, one follows the sun’s path, naturally stepping down the sloping site. Continually referencing the outside through the interior of the house, the horizontal planes jut out into the landscape.

geothermal system Make the north facing walls insular to helping capture warmth and keeps out the cold, while the south facing walls open up to let in sun and warmth. Deep overhangs also control heat loss and gain, and all rooms have cross ventilation – while letting in light on two sides. Talk about bringing the outside in.

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Train Stations By Zaha Hadid


Zaha HAdid is one of the best Architect in the world and know Icon of architecture Zaha Hadid shouldnt be ashamed in Austria too. Before an opening of new winter season 2007, she opeened 4 small train stations, that serve to skiers, above the city of Insbruck. This project shows another sucessful plastic play with mass by architect Hadid. She is really make surprise in every corner.

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House RA by Ana Reis


This house builded in Vila Nova de Gaia the Architect is Ana Reis from Portuguese , who has completed this family house.The 2-storey home is characterised by white, clean-cut volumes arranged around an internal courtyard.

And here’s some more information from The Architect:

House RA

The house is for a young couple with two kids. The building volume, shape and location are the result of different restrictions from the municipality in terms of height, distances from the street and surrounding buildings. The programme is articulated within the available limits and around an internal courtyard. Communal areas: living room, dining room and kitchen as well as some storage areas and powder room are located on the ground floor and directly connected with the protected garden.Private areas: bedrooms, study and toilets are located on the upper floor. This internal separation of communal and private space is continuous with the buildings relationship with the public domain. The metal structure allows the absence of columns and big windows.


Clients: José Reis and Sofia Armelim
Architecture: Ana C Reis
Structure: Gestedi
Date: 2008
Area: 360sqm
Location: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Photography: NG Photo

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MF House By Architecture W


The design of the MF House was driven by the desire top create an unique multifamily housing project that addresses the needs of a contemporary Japanese lifestyles.This house was designed to introduce natural light throughout each unit and employs open floor plans combined with operable windows that induce natural ventilation thru each unit.

The project consists of 9 units, 3 flat type units on the first floor and 6 two story units joined by a 2nd floor entry court. Each of the units consist of an entry /service core rendered in white and a living/sleeping area rendered in exposed concrete with wood floors.


The all glass facades of the 6 units and the arrangements of the entries and patios encourages the tenant to interact and create their own community within the project. It is also envisioned that these areas would be filled with potted plants and flowers and eventually become a private garden for the entire project.The projects 6 two-story units are joined by a central courtyard on the second floor.


Structural concrete walls consistently run north and south and are infilled with glass so the building concept is clearly understood from both inside and units and the street.

Architects: Architecture W
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Project Team: Michel Weenick, Ayumi Sengoku, Yukiko Iwanaga, Brian White
Client: Sadao Tokuda
Project Year: 2004
Constructed Area: 597 sqm
Structural Engineer: Astec
Landscape: KK Design
Photographer: Andy Boone

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Friday, May 29, 2009

New Project For Cairo By Architect Zaha Hadid


By: Caren Cilento

The Great Architect Zaha Hadid has announced her lates design in egypt.The Stone Tower in Cairo this plan for expanding district of cairo. Hadid’s design provides office and retail spaces, a five-star business hotel with serviced apartments, and sunken landscaped gardens and plaza called the "DELTA", Within the 525,000sqm towers.This tower were inspired by the ancient Egyptian stonework which incorporates a variety of patterns and textures.

Hadid Say's :
“I am delighted to be working in Cairo. I have visited Egypt many times and I have always been fascinated by the mathematics and arts of the Arab world. In our office we have always researched the formal concepts of geometry - which relates a great deal to the region’s art traditions and sciences in terms of algebra, geometry and mathematics. This research has informed the design for Stone Towers”

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New Tamayo Museum Design By Rojkind Arquitectos and BIG


The Architect on this building is Rojkind Arquitectos and Bjark Ingels Partners
The main concept of MUSEO TAMAYO EX-TENSION ATIZAPAN is an “Opened Box” that unfolds, opens and invites the visitors inside. Packaging, restoration and storage will serve as additional cultural spaces for visitors to understand and experience the stages that an art piece goes through before it is exhibited. The “open box” exhibits both the art work and the varied processes of a museum.


The permeable brick shading façade eliminates or reduces the need for AC and combines good daylight with no sunshine and plenty of natural ventilation. Although it will be the museums symbolic provocation of its form and content that will attract its visitors, once there they will discover that its design, though modest, is intelligently and sustainably planned.

Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos + BIG
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Client: Patronato Tamayo
Constructed Area: 3,500 sqm
BIG Architects
Partners in Charge: Bjarke Ingels & Andreas Klok Pedersen
Project Team: Pauline Lavie, Maxime Enrico, Pål Arnulf Trodahl
Rojkind Arquitectos
Partner in Charge: Michel Rojkind
Project Team: Agustín Pereyra, Monica Orozco, Ma. Fernanda Gómez, Tere Levy, Isaac Smeke, Juan José Barrios, Roberto Gil Will, Beatriz Díaz, Joe Tarr
Structural Engineer: 
Romo y asociados
Landscape Design: 
Entorno taller de paisaje
Graphic Design: 
Ernesto Moncada
 Glessner Group - Germán Glessner

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Green House in Melbourne Designed By Zen


Zen Architects designed this sustainable home, and integrated vegetation and light to create a lush environment for the clients. Many sustainable elements went into the design, like passive heating through north oriented windows and a courtyard. Before you get all up in arms, let’s remember this house is in Australia, where they direct their houses to the north. Just a reminder for any aspiring architects from the Northern Hemisphere - if you intend to design for anything south of the equator, orient towards the north

to make shading in the summer they using Deciduous plants , and passive cooling was accomplished by cross ventilation and a “thermal chimney” through a two story void.

Storage water tanks is collecting by the roof from rainwater. Both rainwater and grey water are used in the 35 square meter (375 sq.ft.) garden. An additional rooftop garden provides even more outdoor space and insulation for the home. The garden even has a high tech automated irrigation system that waters the subsurface to minimize water lost through evaporation.

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