Thursday, May 21, 2009

House in Andros by KLab architects

Greek architecture practice KLab architects have completed a summer house on the island of Andros, Greece. Situated on a terrace of cypress trees, the 250m2 summer house is elevated on the site’s existing stone wall.The building combines an enclosed, inner courtyard and open exterior with large windows.An outdoor swimming pool that surrounds the house.

Here’s more information from KLab architects:

Andros-vacation house triple-hybrid

This house design on the island of Andros sits on a remarkable site of both hidden and evident beauty. It is a landscape that has been transformed by humans to exploit the inclination of the hill. This terracing is heavily planted with cypress,
olive, lemon and oak trees.

This site is a typical example of a south facing island terracing, the cypress trees were used to block the strong north winds of the island the olive, lemon and oak trees for their harvest.

The site has little sea view which is what most of the people from Athens seek in their second houses in an island close to Athens. However the inhabitants are not typical and this vacation house takes advantage of its site, which is set in nature, giving a unique perspective of the island.The house was designed with careful consideration of the many regulations and restrictions due to the fact that it lies on the borders of an extended neoclassical village.

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